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Version Notes for PixEdit® Desktop and PixView®

Release Notes

Version 8.8.3


  • Implemented saving to .CALS in ‘After Scanning’ and DocServer
  • Fixed a problem when redacting newly scanned documents or none PDF documents
  • Implemented prompt message to user when trying to delete a document (Data extraction module)
  • Implemented a setting to display first or last page when scan job is finished

Version 8.8.2


  • Required upgrade to this version for PixEdit Desktop Online and PixView Online to work. The reason is that the restAPI url for license checking has changed
  • Added new interactive gamma correction function for adjusting the luminance in images. This function can be useful for enhancing images from scans of old and worn paper. The function can be recorded as a macro and then be applied on pages and documents in a workflow
  • Added option to ‘Save all’ modified documents in a scan/archive job and the possibility to cancel it. Applies to PixEdit Desktop integration with PixEdit Server
  • Fixed a possible crash problem with 64 bit setup program for PixEdit Desktop Online. The problem can occur when the setup program is checking for a valid license against
  • Implemented new Adobe Library - APDFL 18.0.4 P1s